Working with 3G/4G modems and phone tethering

This guide is update for firmware v2.264 and newer. Please upgrade the firmware if you are using an old version.

Compatible 3G, 4G LTE modem List

With Standard OpenWrt CC1505 distribution installed, the mini router support hundreds of 3G 4G dongles on the market. However we cannot test all these models.

Here is a list of supported modems we tested.

Model 3G/4G Tested Tested by Comments
Quectel EC20-E, EC20-A, EC20-C 4G Yes GLi
Quectel EC25-E, EC25-A, EC25-V, EC25-C 4G Yes GLi
Quectel UC20-E 3G Yes GLi
ZTE ME909s-821 4G Yes GLi
Huawei E1550 3G Yes GLi
Huanwei E3276 4G Yes GLi
TP-Link MA260 3G Yes GLi
ZTE M823 4G Yes Arnas Risqianto
ZTE MF190 3G Yes Arnas Risqianto
Huawei E3372 4G Yes anonymous
Pantech UML290VW (Verizon) 4G Yes GLi/steven QMI
Pantech UML295 (Verizon) 4G Yes GLi/steven hostless
Novatel USB551L (Verizon) 4G Yes GLi/steven QMI
Verizon U620L (Verizon) 4G Yes hostless

You can also refer to for a well supported modem list.

Modems can be Regular USB or Host-less versions. If it is host-less, it will work as tethering.

General 3G/4G Modem Settings

Using the mini router, you can connect to the Internet using 3G or 4G modems. Click the 3G/4G tab to enter the UI.

Note: If the modem supports hostless mode, please go to next section.

To make the correct settings:

The router have some pre-configured values. You can choose Country/Region and Service Provider and the values below will be filled automatically. But this is not necessary if you know the settings. If you found that the data is not updated, please write to us.


After you plug in your modem, you will see the device in Modem Device list. There maybe several devices and you need to try different devices. Most devices are ttyUSB2. In my case it is ttyUSB1.

Some new modem models works like Ethernet devices and you need to use Tethering. Please check next section for this.

Example: US Verizon setup

We found that for Verizon you can use internet or Ne01.vzwstatic. The second APN seems make better performance. Please report to us if you have some update.

Verizon setup

Now click Submit.

If you used the wrong ttyUSB device, you need to try another one. Some modems needs you to unplug it first and plug in again. You can also do a reset of the modem (not the router) from the UI.

Modem status

In Internet status windows it will show the status of 3G/4G connection.

There are two buttons what you can use in case you have problems with the device.

MiFi setup

Phone (modem) Tethering

If your modem support hostless mode or you want to share the data of your phone, you can use Tethering mode.

Note: The stock firmware support iPhone and most Android phones. You have to enable Tethering or Sharing in your phone.

Note: For iPhone, the first time you connect your phone to the router, you phone will ask if you would like to Trust the computer it connected to. Please click Trust.


Then click Tethering tab. Your smartphone will appear as a network devices, with names: eth1 eth2 usb0 etc. depends on the model.

Just click Submit to go wait for your modem/phone is connected.



Some carriers don't allow sharing data and you cannot use the above way. You can try easytethering.

Note: Easytethering is not a free service and we have no affiliate with them.